About The Artist

Simone Smith is a Caribbean-British Artist based in London, specializing in Illustration and animation and is the sole creator of the brand Simkray.


She graduated from the University of the Arts London with a BA (HONS) in Animation. And shortly after decided to follow her dream and start her own business. 


She describes her work as being  Blerd-Fantasy as she loves mixing elements of her Jamaican heritage with things that are quirky and magical.



The brand Simkray was created in 2018 where Simone began by creating T-shirts with her own original designs.


With the help of her family, she was able to attend a few markets & events around London such as the Made in Croydon's Box Park Market, The Teenage Market and The Voice Black Business Fair 2018 to name a few. After talking with her local community at these events she realised that people were more interested in her illustrative and creative skills and wanted to work with her and read her stories and so Simone decided to focus on creating Comics based on her culture and interests!


As a Black British person, Simkray’s aim is to create fun and positive content that includes black people.


Simone started making brushes for fun. As a Artist who illustrates her own Webcomic, she found it really difficult to find any hair brushes that reflected black hair textures, and since she had a lot of black characters in her stories she decided to try making her own, inisally she made them just for herself but decided to shared these brushes online which unexpectedly ended up going viral, reading all the comments from other people about her brushes, she realized had made something that was both needed and useful and slowly started sharing more of her brushes and created Simkray's Brush Club.


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London, England, UK

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