What is Character Design?

Character design is the process of creating and developing a character.


This includes everything from how the character looks to how they act, basically their whole personality! 


Why Would I Need A Character Design?

Imagine you want to have a character designed to represent your business. You plan on putting this character on a number of different items in the future, but currently, you only want to test out making one thing, like a T-shirt.

Sure you can ask an artist to create a T-shirt design with your character idea on it, but that design is unlikely to show every detail that's on the character.

And what if your not able to work with the same artist in the future to create other items because they are busy or you have a deadline?

Well, you'll just have to work with a different artist, but here's the problem, the only thing that new artist has to work from is that T-shirt design in that one pose!

They have no idea what the character looks like from the back, or that your character likes to hide sweets in her left pocket or even what that pocket looks like because you don't have a character sheet that includes all the little details about your character! And so that new artist has to guess what the design would look like... and it might not be what you wanted, or maybe they forgot to add some things... and now your wondering "If only there was a way I could keep my character looking consistent no matter who draws them"

And that's where a character sheet comes in!

Character sheets are pre-production work for character designs that is done before any full-scale animation, comics etc! 

It gives you time to see what works and what doesn't, and to get all those little details right, plus you are able to make any adjustments to the design before getting tied down. 


Concept Art is another pre-production element that is also helpful to do in addition to character sheets particularly before any big projects, as you get to see your character in different scenarios or environments in the artists' style and decide if it matches what you had in mind! 

Concept art can be anything from a few different character expressions to a whole environmental illustration and can include your character. They can be as rough or as polished as you decide, or depending on what the artist offers. 


As a rule of thumb, If you have written about a special object, world, character, room etc, you should get some concept art made of it. As well as any important or side characters.    

For the most part, Character Design is basically the prep work you do before tackling the main project! It's also known as pre-production. Your probably wondering, why Pre-Production is important, well allow me to explain...  

Character Design Sheets

Basic Character Sheet Includes: 

1 outfit design with a front and back or another pose of your choosing.

From: £230


Premium Character Sheet Includes:

Up to 2 outfit designs, with a front and back design 

Plus an action pose of your choosing.

up to 3 object illusions

Up to 4 face expressions.

From: £535

Additions From: 

Outfits: £55

Poses: £75

Objects: £40

Expressions: £20 

Written Backstory: £574

Concept Art

Rough Concept Art:

If you need a quick mockup of your concept, that's not very detailed, then getting some rough concept art made should do the trick!  

From: £250 


Fully Rendered Concept Art:

If you would like a better idea of what your final project will look like, then getting a fully rendered piece will help you picture things... literally. 

From £575 

For Additional information please contact me

Books and Comics

Please note, due to the fact that I currently write and Illustration my own comic, I do not always take commissions for additional long-plan comic series.

If your comic is short, for example, a single panel/page or a small book (around 25 pages long) then I may accept your commission.  



  • Please have a brief synopsis of your story ready to send.

  • Character descriptions and Character Sheets of any and all main characters.

  • A finished Script, that is written in a comic script format. 


Monotone:£50 per Page

Flat Colour:£150 per Page

Full Colour:£200 Per Page


Basic Cover Includes:

1 Simple title design

1 detailed Character & Background.

From: £350


Premium Cover Includes: 

1 Premium title design

Up to 5 detailed characters

Back Cover.

From £590 



Characters: £95 



For Children's Book Illustrations my prices depend on how many pages are being illustrated, additional costs will apply to more complex backgrounds.    


For example: 


1 Illustration From £150

Standard 32 pages From £1,600

Gifs and Assets

Coming Soon!

Please Email me for more information


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