Character Illustration: 

The cost of my character Illustrations depends on the character design type + the cost of the background (+ the Rights to use the work if it's for commercial use) = Total Price, I am unable to provide accurate quotes until you have provided the necessary brief or reference images.  

If you are looking for Concept art for a Character, or world, please see my Character Design Sheets, as it's a slightly different process. 

Bust shot means you want your character to be illustrated from their head to there shoulders. 

Starting from:

Monotone: £25+

Flat Colours: £30+

Full Colours: £40+

Half Body means you want your character to be illustrated from their head to around the Waist area.

Starting from:​

Monotone: £45+

Flat Colours: £50+

Full Colours: £60+

Full Body means you want your character to be illustrated from their head to there toes.

Starting from:​

Monotone: £55+

Flat Colours: £65+

Full Colours: £75+



  • Please Note, these prices should be treated as rough guidelines to give you an idea of how much your commission might cost when it comes to illustrations, these prices do not include prep work and I can not give you an accurate quote until I know more about your commission. Additionally, these prices are based on the cost of one humanoid character with a simple background colour, a gradient or transparent background. 

  • The images shown are just examples of the Bust shot, half body and full body, for more examples of my work please see my Gallery.

  • The price will vary if your character requires a lot of details ie, a lot of accessories, complicated outfits with lacey/extravagant details, additional limbs or complex hairstyles etc

  • If you want to have multiple characters featured in the illustration there will be additional costs, for example, 2 characters will be double the price, 3 characters will triple the price and so on. 

Background Add-ons

Here are some price examples of the kind of background art I can do, Certain kinds of backgrounds will vary in cost such as Environments, including bedrooms, Cities and more. Of course, you can also commission a background illustration without characters.

Plain // gradient

These are the only option that is included in the price of the character commission. as the name implies, a plain background includes a simple 1 colour background and a gradient includes two colours that blend together in the middle.


Unique Requests

Is there something you need that isn't listed? 

Then feel free to contact me


My prices for unique requests will vary depending on what it is, how complex the design will be, and how long it will take to create, please be aware that I can not give you an accurate price until I know more about the request!


So How Does It Work?


You email the details of what you need and the budget you are hoping to spend, and we will get you the best price possible!


We will send you an invoice based on what our agreement was.

Which will include when you'll need to pay.


After we receive payment we will start working on rough sketches of your order. Which we will send to you for approval. 


Once you are happy with the sketch we will then expect the final payment, before we make it look absolutely fabulous.

So what information do I need from you?

Here are a few commission types I get asked about often:

So let's get started...

If you have any questions, check the F.A.Q or send an email to: