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Refunds & Returns

Why can't I have a refund on digital products?

Refunds are not available for digital products, such as the "Colour in" files, Club Memberships and Brush Sets. Once the order is confirmed and paid for by you, the product is immediately made available to you to download and so it is also not possible for you to return the product.

All descriptions and product images will always state what program or file type the product is for. It is your responsibility to make sure to check if the product is compatible with your software or art program before purchasing.

There is no obligation for Simkray to provide a refund in the following situations:

-You changed your mind about the product.
-You bought the product by mistake or didn't read the description
-You do not have sufficient expertise to use the product.
-You use an torrented/illegal vertion of the art program.

How can I cancel my club subscription?

Fill out the form here. Please make sure you actually want to cancel your subscription as once it has been canciled it can not be reactivated and any discounted prices or deals you had will be lost.


Why do you always draw black people?

In short because I am black and there isn't enough representation of black people in fantacy in the uk. If it upsets you that I mostly have black characters, you should probably reflect on why that is.

I'd like to use your art in my blog, video, Profile?

If you wish to use my work in a blog, video or acticle etc, that is fine as long as you proply cridit me for my work. ie. (Art by Simkray) and link/tag my website or account. if you plan to use my work for profit/money then I do not give you permission. Thanks for understanding

Do you have a patreon I can spport you on?

Yes I currently have a Patreon, however you can suport me by becoming a Kray Club Member on my website. you can also support me by purchasing something from my shop.

What is the best way to contact you?

Emailing me is the best way to make sure I get your message: Simkrayink@gmail.com

If you contact me on one of my social media sites there is a chance I might not see it, so if it's something important it's best to email me.

What software do you use?

Computer & Tablet: MacBook Pro Retina, 15-inch
Wacom 27qhd Programs: Clip Studio Paint
After Effects Premiere Pro

Can you draw me for Free?


Are your commissions open? / When will they be open?

My commissions will open and close depending on the available time I have. I will only be opening 3 slots at a time, which will open again as work is completed and space becomes avaiable.

Where can I read Not Another Cliche?

Starting from september 1st to read frequent NAC uploades it's best to join Kray Club for £2 or patreon for just $2 where you will find all of my comics, old and new which will be the only site that will include gifs. you can also purchace Not Another Cliche on Amazon and Blerb. You can also read it for free on Tapas and Webtoon

What is a Duppy?

Duppy is Caribbean islanders, and some black folks word for spirits or ghosts.

What are your work hours

Monday - Friday 11:00 - 7:30 GMT Saturday Closed Sunday Closed Based in London UK


What won't you draw?

I do not accept any requests for racist, offensive or sexually explicit things, and I do not expect/wish for my work to be used in that form. There are things I haven't drawn before, but I'm fine with giving anything a go as long as you are ok with it!

Can you draw me something in this artist style please.

No. If you want something to be drawn in another artist style then please contact them instead of me.

How long will my commission take?

My working speed varies and depends on how many commissions/ projects I am currently working on. because of this, I will normally provide a rough starting date for when I will start working on your commission.

However commissions can take anything from a few weeks to a month or more, again depending on what you are commissioning.

if you are located in a different timezone to me (UK), that means there will probably be a delay when it comes to sending emails to one another

How much is your copyright?

I do not sell my copyright. only licences.

Can I order a commission if I see you at a market?

No. I don't do on the spot commissions as I do not carry my art supplies with me.

I only take commissions through my website, you can ask me about my commissions but I won't draw anything during a market and I will not take any payment for a commission during a market or event.

Thank you.

Do I recive the original file for the commission?

My commission prices do not inculde the original file. However the file can be purchased for an additional fee. you will recive a png or jpg file so you can post/ use the image

Can I take your work and put it in a book, T-shirt, etc

No. Please do not do this. If you want to use my work in a book or magazine, Please Contact my agency Illo Agency

What are Art Commissions?

Art Commissions is a service where a client pays an artist to create original custom art.

Do you do Custom T-shirt Commissions?


Privaticy Concerns?

If you do not wish for me to make your commission public on my socail midia until you are able to make/print a certain product let me know so we can work something out.

Updates to my copyright and licensing policy

Please Note: I will update my copyright and license information every few weeks or so. Therefore if you have commissioned me in the past, certain things may have changed therefore I will always send you an information sheet contain the current information.

I'm writing a Children's book, can you illustrate it for me?

I don't always take on these types of commissions, as they are very time consumeing, and take a long time to do, but you are wlcome to ask.

Kray Club

What is Kray Club?

Kray club is a subscription service which allows you see extra content only avaluble on Simkray.london, such as Simkray's comics Not Another Cliche!, NAC MINIS, And Duppy Tales.

Why make it a subscription service, why can't all your comics be free to read?

I started posting Not Another Cliche! on Tapas on September 2018, it currently has 89k views and 6.6k subscribers from July 2020 and I've made a grand total of $50.67 during those 3-4 years... which as you can probably guess isn't enough to keep NAC going. Although I am grateful for more people finding and supporting my work, I want to be able to create more series and animations in the future, and in order to do that I need a better way to fund these projects which is why I started Kray Club. With Kray Club, not only are you getting to read my comics first, you'll be getting a different experience all together, since I'll be incoprating animations into some of my comics. These animations won't change the original story, since I don't want to effect the tapas and webtoon readers, but they will give you something extra, fun and specail to see. Why not include the animations on tapas and webtoons too? I have no control of what updates those websites make or what those websites except or don't except, currently tapas allows gif (an animated file), but that could change and Webtoons doesn't allow allow gif at all, but I wan't to keep uploads the same on both tapas and webtoons so both will only have the static vertion of the comic, although I'll leave the current gifs that are up on tapas for now. You also get access to my forums, behind the scenes content, Tips & Tricks and my personal custom Brushes when I launch these subscrptions soon. Plus you'll be directly helping to fund and keep these projects going, So Thanks!

How do I import my brush to my art program?

All Brush Sets include a guide on how to import the brushes.

Can you make your Brush Sets for [insert Art Program here]?

When it comes to different art programs, it's important to note that each drawing program has its strengths and weaknesses, certain brushes will only work for that particular program or might work for more than one program but will look/work differently in each one. I am only 1 person and for the most part I mainly use Clip Studio Paint for my work so it would be difficult in some cases to create brushes for programs I personally haven't used before. you can read my blog for more info.

When will new Brushes be uploaded to Brush Club?

New brushes will be uploaded on the 15th of every month. Brush Sets will normally include at least 10 new Brushes. However During events like halloween, Christmas ect, I might include more.

I've lost my brushes, can you send them to me again?

Unfortunately no. My brush sets are consantly being updated, added too, and changed. so I may no longer have the same brush file you perchaced. If you wish to have access to all my brushes, I would suggest joining my brush club subscription service instead. It is your responability to propoly store your brushes.

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